Both display brand new love for black colored, cemeteries, and lifetime at night

Both display brand new love for black colored, cemeteries, and lifetime at night

Raven Madison is the merely goth lady inside the Becky Miller at the her side, Raven finds herself the goal out of bullying from the Trevor Mitchell and you may other people in the city that simply don’t discover her. She finds insights throughout the brand new child, Alexander Sterling, exactly who motions so you’re able to Dullsville, and this is for her 16th birthday.

Situations [ ]

Raven clothed as the a tennis athlete with her dad’s 200 buck racket. She gave particular sweets and you can a crawl band so you can Jameson, whom she nicknamed Creepy Man. She discovered Trevor, whom attempts to get back during the this lady to possess stealing his dresses because of the spray color brand new Residence and you will blaming it on her. She hits the latest jet can be and you can Trevor’s hands, however the racket goes flying on it. She will be taking off inside the Matt’s, Trevor’s best pal’s, vehicles and making Trevor behind. Alexander areas the lady since she is leaving.

Snowball [ ]

Raven requires Alexander in order to their school’s Snowfall Ball and you can reveals your to. After they get right to the dance place, Trevor guides up to him or her and you will begins insulting your. Trevor reveals Raven their go out, Becky, who is Raven’s best friend. Raven are angry he inside both of them. Trevor in the end becomes the lady to express the true reasons why she snuck towards the Residence. When she teaches you, Alexander try harm and you will runs out of with Raven running from immediately after your. Becky attempts to follow their also to declare that the woman is sorry. Raven try sad one Alexander may hate the girl and that she just missing the woman only appropriate child.

Jagger and you can Luna [ ]

When Alexander temporarily movements of Dullsville, she begins searching for him within the a Goth club from inside the Hipsterville. The name of club ‘s the Coffin Bar. Here, she match Jagger Maxwell that is greeting to help you his flat. Absolutely nothing do she learn, Jagger is looking for payback towards Alexander. Alexander finds out Raven and flees Hipsterville to see Dullsville. Jagger observe her or him and you may tries to bond Alexander’s wife so you’re able to your eternally thus his payback will be done. Alexander and you will Raven secret Jagger into the thinking that Raven is limited so you can Alexander.

Coffin Pub [ ]

It is summertime during the Dullsville and Raven is chomping on portion to leave out-of school. The single thing placing good damper on her agreements is that Alexander still has never returned away from Hipsterville just after reuniting Valentine Maxwell which have their sibling and you may sister. The one thing she catch the brand new shuttle in order to Hipsterville for an impromptu visit to the lady Cousin Libby’s household. Raven requires the original opportunity she reaches visit new family Alexander and you may Jameson features leased. This lady go out that have Alexander is not long enough. Immediately following a simple eating it’s time for her so you can head back so you’re able to the woman Aunt’s household. Ahead of she goes inside regardless if, she chooses to investigate Coffin Club, the newest Goth club she visited the very last day she was at Hipsterville (although Alexander informed the girl to not ever wade truth be told there by yourself). After into the, she immediately can tell the place has evolved. It is so much more packed therefore appears a tiny even more extreme. She’s interested in one individual in particular – a motorcycle riding, leather wear, purple haired boy. She cannot apparently just take her attention from him. The guy scares her and you can intrigues this lady at the same time. When looking in the pub, Raven becomes turned to and you will stumbles through to anything known as Cell. The new Dungeon is located in Coffin Pub. Specific very interesting men and women are inside the attendance, in addition to Jagger, Alexander’s while challenger. A man named Phoenix demands Jagger getting management and Raven will get caught in it. It is showed that Alexander is Phoenix.

Matchmaking [ ]

This lady moms and dads was Sarah and you may Billy ). Raven features a closest friend entitled Trevor Mitchell are Ravens nemesis, hes been the lady nemesis since the preschool possesses maybe not averted tormenting this lady since that time. Trevor performs sports that is referred to as preferred guy when you look at the university. Trevor’s companion was Matt Wells, which afterwards regarding facts gets Becky’s date, they are far nicer than simply Trevor. Raven very first spotted the lady future date, Alexander Sterling , on the way domestic from Matt Wells team, who she nicknamed “Blonde Son.” unsure he had been a great vampire.

Romantic Appeal [ ]

Alexander Sterling is her sweetheart, no matter if Trevor are the woman earliest hug. Her and you will Alexander was because of highs and lows but using its love for for each they work as a result of every disease. Alexander cares extremely significantly having Raven and you may desires to manage the girl about Underworld.  

Trevor Mitchell [ ]

You can be positive you to definitely Trevor loves Raven because the the guy tried to hug the girl when she snuck in the area, and because this new current given to your from the Raven once they have been younger was still truth be told there. In Vampireville, whenever Luna and you can Trevor had been strolling down, he naturally imagined it absolutely was Raven. The guy goes out off his solution to humiliate the woman, it is trying to get this lady notice. Raven have a tendency to announced this lady detestation to have Trevor, whether or not she do from time to time accept that she believes he’s stunning, and also either fantasizes on are and additionally your.

Alexander Sterling [ ]

Alexander try Raven’s date. It fulfilled for the nights Halloween and though Raven is actually constantly altering ranging from no matter if she considered Alexander to-be an excellent vampire, she came to the conclusion you to she did not brain. He has a great deal in keeping on account of Alexander getting a great antique vampire and you will Raven’s demand for golden-haired layout. Nonetheless they is actually addressed in the same way once the outcasts, as well as both love each other deeply.She likes your however, wants your to make the lady and get was afraid of that same truth.

Jagger Maxwell [ ]

Jagger made an effort to bond Raven so you’re able to your at push-from inside the film, but were not successful. Since, he has chased the woman, seeking to thread with her at each and every options, but he’s ineffective. At the Graveyard Gala, the guy outfitted while the good grim reaper and found out that Raven isn’t an effective vampire otherwise bonded to Alexander for all eternity. The guy tried to thread with her from the graveyard, but is beaten up because of the Alexander and you will Trevor in advance of he could. He tries one final time regarding the final book and you can confesses so you’re able to the girl one she is his fantasy girl and is also perhaps not his blame in the event that Alexander would not grab the chance to features his dream lady. He states the guy plans to at least you will need to possess their fantasy lady, and then he plus states the guy never help it to if it gusts of wind in the exact same lady. Shortly after he is declined, the guy provides upon Raven and you will issues the pair don’t.

Claude Sterling [ ]

Claude is actually Alexander’s relative. He looks simply regarding the manga. The guy appears keen on Raven inside a strange way, yet not strong enough so you’re able to angle a danger to help you Raven and Alexander’s matchmaking.

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