Gemini Man And Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

We began to hook up occassionally in secluded areas in the office and the romance became amazing! We have been talking for a year now and Im falling head over heels. I dont know what to do… I want him BAD but he has a family and well its just not realistic to think he and I could ever be together.

People keep saying this is easy lol I guess I need more time to sit down and read. Maybe I’ll get a book instead of hodge podging my knowledge together from the internet. Sometimes I feel like what I find contradicts other things. loveandswans com My friend that got me looking more into astrology told me I’m such a Leo but not at the same time. Later on I gave her my birth info and she told me she thought it was my Scorpio rising but over all she is newer to this as well.

“They’re attracted to intelligence, banter, sarcasm and lighthearted playfulness,” O’Connor says. “Words and how they receive those words will be like pollen to a bee.” Although they tend to fall hard and fast, getting them to stay in love is another story.

But love, care and trust are the major things you are sure to get when dating a Gemini woman. I m Aquarian and my wife is also an Aquarian, and we r living like friends most of the time. The Aquarius guy I know,…to me, he is my Kryptonite! I lose all my super powers when he’s in my bubble.

Gemini and Cancer couples also seemingly have their differences in the financial aspect which most of the time gives them problems. Their differences in the financial aspect of the relationship result in arguments and fights which can be detrimental to the relationship. Gemini might deem Cancer to be an unfit partner because they always base their decisions on their intuition and emotions. Meanwhile, Cancer may deem Gemini to be unemotional or too cold.

Aquarians might need their freedom but this doesn’t mean they can’t fall in love. They tend to have a lot of very good friends but occasionally one of these friends will cross over into the lover zone. This person will have to be very special indeed. Often, they will deny this and hold on to what they have, until one of them gets swept of their feet by someone who wakes their emotions with silence. This could either make or break the bond they have with one another.

But when it comes to love compatibility, the Gemini is one to dating the other signs and finding the true meaning of success in marriages. However, understanding the Gemini woman in relationships is more important. So, what a Gemini woman looks for in men is clear, and she wants the best in life and reaches her epic.

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Have a life of your own no matter how great the relationship with an Aquarius man is. He would love a woman who is herself engaged in productive activities and has dreams to fulfill. He is inclined towards women who have ambitions and can take the initiative to improve themselves.

According to O’Connor, Gemini is moved by the mind. If she’s the one who wants to get him, she should just be open for talks. If they discuss a lot and are friends for a while, he will be more and more intrigued by her, and will want to transform the friendship into a relationship. The Gemini man likes variety and talking a lot.

The Gemini Man With Aquarius Woman; Happily Ever After Or Never?

They’ve taken the world by storm with their whirlwind, against-all-odds romance. And as devoted as Virgos can be to their partners, it’s refreshing for them when they can find a partner that will love them back just as hard. Of course, there are a lot of different things that can go into how fast someone falls in love.

Aries Woman and Gemini Man in Love

I have a strong feeling that our relationship will last for a very long time. The best matches for an Aquarius woman are Leos and Geminis. Leos because sometimes Aquarius women have trouble stepping into the limelight. Aquarians have great ideas and organize bulletproof plans to achieve them, but the problem is, they struggle with being the front person. Unlike Leo, they usually prefer life behind the scenes to ensure everything goes smoothly.

A Gemini Rising in love is a partner who’ll expand your mind and further your horizons. They’re very interested people—they’re willing to learn your story and dedicated to seeing your success. They won’t hesitate to go above and beyond to show you their loyalty. Even if they may fear commitment or need a moment to grab some alone time, they’ll always find their way back to you.

I’m a Gemini woman who is dating an Aquarius man, we met in an unorthodox way to meet a partner. He was one of the paramedics that came to my rescue when I was involved in a car accident. He got my number and kept up with how I was doing. They’re not an intensely emotional match, and they may lack raw passion, but they are complementary, and that might be all they need.