7 Interesting Ruby Code Examples

Local variables can be shared with a blockEven though rate is a local variable, it is used inside the block. That chunk of code is passed to the method “whereisit” and executed each time the “yield” statement is executed. You can think of the “yield” being replaced by the block of code. HashesThis type of collection is also called a dictionary or an associative array. LengthTo get the count, or size, of an array, use the “length” method. Ruby arrays, like all right-thinking collections, are zero based.

  • This article is contributed by Harsh Wardhan Chaudhary .
  • You’ll also use a “while” expression and designate the position of each number to dictate which numbers to apply the “reverse” expression to.
  • The Shebang approach outlined in the preceding chapter does not work on Windows.
  • The environmental variable RUBYLIB can be used to load paths into $LOAD_PATH.
  • BuiltIn Command InterpreterWith the “eval” method you can create your own interpreter language and run it during execution.

We convert the string into an array of characters with chars so that we can use the all? Extract the Quickstart ZIP file or download or clone the code-examples-ruby repository. Extract the Quickstart ZIP file, or download or clone the code-examples-ruby repository.


The Rails generate command makes use of templates to create a whole lot of useful things in your application. You can use these generators to save a lot of time. Public – This directory contains static files and compiled assets, such as HTML files, The Best HTML and CSS Courses for Beginners Javascript files, images, and stylesheets. Convention over Configuration – Rails is pre-configured to use sensible defaults that fit most common usage. This makes your application development fast, and you also have less code to maintain.

ruby code example

The following copies all the 1.2.6 libraries from the shared directory to your own private one. Field names ending with “_at” are assumed to be datetime fields and are filled in automagically by rails for ActiveRecord objects. BuiltIn Command InterpreterWith the “eval” method you can create your own interpreter language and run it during execution. You can put a library like ‘startClicker.rb’ in any of those directories and ruby will find it. Example of printing duplicate lines in sorted file. BlocksAnd now to one of the coolest things about Ruby – blocks.

Admin API

Step 2) Run ‘gem install rails’ to install the latest version of Rails on your computer. To set this Ruby installation as the default Ruby to run on your system and not the pre-installed Ruby. Your Mac already has Ruby pre-installed on it. However, the pre-installed version might be old, and so you will need to install a new/latest version. Rails is a full-stack framework that includes everything you need to create a database-driven web application, using the Model-View-Controller pattern. # is called the pound character in ruby and it is used to add comments to your code.

Lib – This directory contains an extended module for your application. Step 3) You should install bundler gem for easy Rails application gem dependency management. You should follow the steps below to successfully install Rails on your Linux machine.

ruby code example

All you need do is set up the right configuration in config/database.yml, and Active Record will work out all the differences between the various database system. So when you switch from one to the other, you don’t have to think about it. For that, you just need to type ‘TodoList.all’ and Active Record gives you the array filled with TodoList objects that you can play with as you like. You can run ‘rake routes’ in your command line to see the various routes available in your application. The Figure below shows the output of running ‘rails routes’ in your command line/terminal.

The routes file helps in controlling every URL aspect of your web application. Rails by default use a RESTful design based on the REST architectural style, that provides a mapping between HTTP verbs and requests to controller actions. Another useful command to know is ‘rails destroy,’ it reverses whatever ‘rails generate…’ does. Readme.md – You use this file to share essential detail about your application, such as what the app does, how to go about installing and run the application.

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It requires fewer lines of code than other frameworks. This article is contributed by Harsh Wardhan Chaudhary . Debug methodYou can use the debug() method inside web pages to dump info about an object. Irb – interactive rubyRuby comes 4 Product Management Skills You Might Not Know You Need with an REPL utility to let you try ruby interactively. (“inf-ruby.el” provides an internal shell in emacs for irb). Example of drawing a line on a canvas in TkTk is a graphical subsystem used in languages like Perl and Tcl.

  • Step 2) Run ‘gem install rails’ to install the latest version of Rails on your computer.
  • This error occurs because you’re attempting to use the Ruby launcher with a self-signed certificate or without SSL/HTTP security.
  • You can install Rails using a package from RailsInstaller, but the problem with this is that you don’t get the latest version of the required packages.

To accomplish this in Ruby, your primary tool will be the “reverse” expression, which examines an array and flips the order of the values in it. You’ll also use a “while” expression and designate the position of each number to dictate which numbers to apply the “reverse” expression to. A Fibonacci Sequence is created by adding two numbers to create the next number in the sequence. https://bitcoin-mining.biz/ You then sum that number with the one preceding it to get the next number,, and so on. The rb and rt elements are used to identify the portion of the ruby element that is the base and the portion that is the ruby text or annotation. There are other debugging gems available such as ‘pry’, and they all provide similar functionalities but slightly different syntax.

One of the advantages of being an interpreted language is that we can write Ruby code directly into the interpreter and have it executed interactively and in real-time. This is a great way to learn Ruby and to try out different code structures. In this article, you have seen some interesting code examples with my commentary & explanations to help you write better Ruby code.

Enter your Mac password (you won’t see the characters as you type). Just press ‘Enter’ when you are done typing your password. Then run this simple Homebrew command to install Ruby on your Mac. Rails is a development framework written in Ruby for building web applications. It was created as the foundation of Basecamp application and then released as an open-source software in 2004. Rails offers many in-built standard features and functionalities, which makes it a suitable option for MVP prototyping and development.

DB – This directory contains files/scripts that are used to manage your application database. App/views – This hold template/layout files the user of your application interacts with. The templates are a combination of HTML and data from the database. These are the most basic topics of Ruby that are essential for the beginner of Ruby programming language.We will cover more topics of Ruby in our upcoming articles. We discussed the fact that Ruby is an interpreted language. This essentially means that Ruby source code is compiled and executed at run time, rather than pre-compiled as is the case with languages such as C or C++.

Click “Finish” to complete the Installation and a command prompt window shown in the Figure below will be displayed. You will go through installing Ruby on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This means that all the layers are built to work seamlessly together with less code.

Ruby Code Examples

For example, if the number in your argument is 3, you want 4 to be returned, or if your argument number is -8, you want the number returned to be -7. In this problem, your objective is to reverse the order of the numbers in an array. For example, if your array was , you would want your code to return . Ruby has an expression called “findmissingnumber” that you can use to examine the array you’ve written. You can instruct Ruby to compare that array to one that has the missing number, and Ruby’s internal logic can pinpoint the integer that “should” be there.

  • When you use this method is like having a loop inside a loop that combines all values in array A with all values in array B.
  • Log – This contains log files – server.log, development.log, test.log, and production.log, etc., that are used for debugging or monitoring your application.
  • If multiple API types are set to true, only the first will be shown.
  • For a list of code examples that use the Admin API, select the Ruby tab under Examples and languages on the DocuSign Developer Center.
  • Double quotes means “please interpret special characters in this string”.

A connection between two ActiveRecord models is known as an association. The Rails routing system, rails router helps you to handles all incoming requests to your web application. The installation process will depend on your operating system. Ruby has an elegant syntax that is both easy to read and write.

Learn how to use ruby by viewing and forking example apps that make use of ruby on CodeSandbox.

The easiest way to do this is by using a package manager such as Homebrew. You might first need to install Homebrew by running the command below at the Terminal. It is a more common and preferred approach to developing on Windows. Press Enter to install all the components as they are all required to have a smooth Ruby on Rails development environment to work with on Windows. Do not uncheck the checkbox option that installs MSYS2.

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